Monday, September 13, 2010

John Stossel and Walter Olsen Oppose Enforceing the ADA???

I have watched this a few times, and I cannot hear either Stossel nor Olsen state they support civil rights for People With Disabilities.

And John Stossel writes....

Finally, the ADA has led to some truly bizarre results. Exxon gave ship captain Joseph Hazelwood a job after he completed alcohol rehab.

Hazelwood then drank too much and let the Exxon Valdez run aground in Alaska. Exxon was sued for allowing it to happen. So Exxon prohibited employees who have had a drug or drinking problem from holding safety-sensitive jobs. The result? You guessed it -- employees with a history of alcohol abuse sued under the ADA, demanding their "right" to those jobs. The federal government (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) supported the employees. Courts are still trying to sort it out.

More money for the parasites

Parasites? Really??

Stossel and Olsen believe that people With Disabilities should be denied access to the courts and the ADA should not be enforced?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beat Whitey Night at Iowa State Fair?

To say the least, this "incident" should be a concern for all of us. I am trying understand how this would have been handled if mobs, gangs of young white teens had attacked blacks leaving the same fair, yelling "beat the you know whats." So, the first indication that something is amis, is the muffeling of this story. It is only being carried locally.

For example:

Did beat “whitey night” occur in Iowa?

At first this sounded like one of those urban legends, especially since there has not been more widespread news coverage of this event. If this is true, then it outragous. If a group of people went around the fairgrounds targeting people they should be locked up. I would still like more facts on this incident because we have too many unknowns.

However, here is a copy of one police report:

Race matters, and we need to address this

And then there is this take on affirmitive action...

Monday, August 16, 2010

God Save Arizona

Folks, wait till you see some of these hate filles signs, such as "White trash - Go back to Arkansaw," and "This is our continant!"

Food for thought!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Police Continue to Advocate For Police State and Oppose Constitutional Rights

Massachussets State Police object to audio recording that resulted in a Trooper being disciplined for parking his crusier in a handicapped parking place and then threating the use of force when he was confronted for his unlawful behavior.

"He parked his cruiser in a handicapped spot while he placed his order inside a Dunkin Donuts in Framingham.

Harold Wolfe snapped some pictures, pulled out a recorder and asked Trooper Brown why he was breaking the law.

Wolfe says the trooper began yelling at him and threatened to place him under arrest.

What makes this story even more troubling is that there are 58 regular parking spot in the parking lot. "

Excuse me? What makes this story more troubling is the threat of arrest for complaining about a civil rights violation!!!

There are 12 states that require consent before sound recording can be made.

New Hampshire

I am not really sure about videos w/o sound.

However, here in MA and other states, INNOCENT people have been arrested for videotaping and recording POLICE MISCONDUCT.

Folks forget how the Democratic Republic of Germany was taken over by the Nazis. The way it went down was civil liberties were gradually replaced by Secret Police.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cambridge Police and General Manager of the Tavern in the Sq

Cambridge, MA Police cooperate with General manager of the Tavern in Central Sq, discriminating and harassing a disabled woman. Refused to take her "statements" in good faith, and responded to all her concerns by scolding, taunting, chastizing, belitteling and even threat of arrest for trespass. Gee, where have I heard this story before?

More on this story to come.