Saturday, January 1, 2011

Disabled Man Shot and Killed by Police for No Apparent Reason

The Murder of John T. Williams, a Deaf Man, By Uniformed Police Abusing Their Athority

Folks, this is shocking. John, a disabled Native American, with a hearing inpairment, was lawfully crossing the street, when a police officer shouted out "drop the knife." problem is, as you can see in this videoo, they never confronted John.

How in the world could he have known the police were even addressing him? Hear is the news story in sign....

The woman, a witnes, was equally surprised by the behavior of the police, as she was almose caught in the crossfire. The autopsy shows that John was NOT facing the police whan he was shot and killed, in what amounts to an ambush.

Now the police are trying to defend their mahyem by abusing their right to the use of force when they believe their life is in danger. ? ? Who in the world could have believed their life was in danger?

As you can see in the video, above, the police belive this should be a "State Secret" and are upsed that the information was 'leaked." Do you believe that the police can honestly hold themselves accountable? Where is the ADA training?

Please, folks, let's put an end to this criminal behavior of police.