Monday, September 13, 2010

John Stossel and Walter Olsen Oppose Enforceing the ADA???

I have watched this a few times, and I cannot hear either Stossel nor Olsen state they support civil rights for People With Disabilities.

And John Stossel writes....

Finally, the ADA has led to some truly bizarre results. Exxon gave ship captain Joseph Hazelwood a job after he completed alcohol rehab.

Hazelwood then drank too much and let the Exxon Valdez run aground in Alaska. Exxon was sued for allowing it to happen. So Exxon prohibited employees who have had a drug or drinking problem from holding safety-sensitive jobs. The result? You guessed it -- employees with a history of alcohol abuse sued under the ADA, demanding their "right" to those jobs. The federal government (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) supported the employees. Courts are still trying to sort it out.

More money for the parasites

Parasites? Really??

Stossel and Olsen believe that people With Disabilities should be denied access to the courts and the ADA should not be enforced?